Huawei Nova 9 – Is Huawei back on the market?

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*Advertisement. Since mid-November, a good four weeks, I now have a new companion in daily life. A new old friend, if you will. Because Huawei wants back and we celebrated our reunion with a Paris weekend! But more on that later. What can the Huawei Nova 9 do, and what about Google services? Everything here in the four-week everyday test!

Huawei and me

About 3.5 years ago, I am as a long-time Samsung Note fanboy away from the South Koreans, to the Huawei Mate 20 X. The largest (non-foldable) smartphone on the market at the time, and to my knowledge still is, with its 7.2″. I was simply blown away by the device. Everything, but also just everything seemed perfect! The photos were always razor sharp and there was a suitable mode for every conceivable application. In short, the perfect camera replacement! In addition, the Mate had such a strong battery, a brilliant display and a very fast fingerprint sensor. It was simply the ideal companion and even after 2 years of use, I never felt the need to change the model. But then the orange man came from overseas and had Huawei locked out of Google services. Unfortunately, this became more and more noticeable: Apps were no longer updated, new ones were not even available and some became unusable. Well, and then I had to switch. I ended up with Xiaomi. And I still consider that a downgrade!

Huawei Nova 9 – first impression

Fresh out of the box, the Huawei Nova 9 cuts a very good figure! The workmanship is very good! The color is really successful. Beautiful color gradient, slight flip-flop effect (unfortunately does not come across so well in my pictures). In addition, this chic silver ring around the main camera, almost too bad to hide it all under a cover.

Of course, the rest of the workmanship is top! Flawless, all-smooth, no gaps or dents (yes, I’ve had that before). So , as you can expect it at the price also!

Google services

If you are looking for Google services like the Play Store, Maps, Pay, etc. pp. on the Huawei Nova 9, you will search in vain. No, unfortunately, they are still not available.

However, there is the Huawei App Gallery, which contains most of the required apps. The phone also searches for APKs available for download. All this is not particularly tragic. You can definitely get used to it. Games, as my son found out right away, are more than enough in any case.

Huawei Pay – oh my!

One of the main reasons why I was interested in the Huawei Nova 9 in the first place was the news that Huawei Pay would finally introduce NFC payments (again). But the disillusionment came very quickly! You cannot store a credit card and girocard only works via Bluecode (payment via barcode). However, the latter is hardly accepted in Germany.

For me, who has been used to paying with PayPal or Amex for three years now, this is unfortunately a huge blow.

Unfortunately, third-party providers don’t offer a viable solution either. Unfortunately, I have to say that this already means the end for the Huawei Nova 9. I simply do not want to miss the advantage of not having to carry my wallet around anymore. Sorry Huawei, you definitely have to work on that!


The way I like it. Even if I already photograph a lot, even with “normal camera” I would still describe myself as a layman. That is, I just need a good camera on the smartphone to be able to quickly capture a memory without having to make large settings beforehand.

Camera app in action!

The Huawei Nova 9 cameras master this quite well! Everything is always nicely in focus, even with strong zooming only minimal image noise (in good lighting conditions) and the low-light performance is also really impressive.

I will attach a few pictures of different situations here:

Huawei Nova 9 – The Daylight Gallery

A colorful mix from my December. Harz mountains, Paris, Disneyland and the Frankfurt airport. Decent results in my opinion, right?

Huawei Nova 9 – The dark side!

However, the low-light performance is even more exciting. And the small sensor does relatively well. Of course, you cannot expect miracles and you cannot zoom, but you can also do that with other larger cameras.


Another big and important point for me when I am on the road. Then I always and everywhere use Google Maps for the public transport. Especially in foreign cities with confusingly convoluted lines like London or Paris, this is an enormous help and not least a massive time saver. That also works surprisingly well with the Huawei Maps!

Huawei Nova 9 in the Paris Metro

In a direct comparison with Google Maps, almost exactly the same routes, footpaths, etc. are suggested to me. The operation is simple, the GPS accurate, and the announcements clear and concise. What more could you want? So you definitely don’t have to make any concessions when it comes to navigation.


What can I tell you? Here I repeat myself once again. The Nova 9 also delivers expectedly good results in terms of battery. Huawei can simply do that! The battery easily lasts 1.5 to 2 days. This is a value that I never reached with my Xiaomi.

Conclusion of the Huawei Nova 9


very good smartphone with the usual good performance. Very good camera, very strong battery. Just as I was used to from my previous Huawei. A lot of things I can get used to. Not having a Play Store is not necessarily a huge dealbreaker for me. However, I have to say that I absolutely miss Google Pay and do not want to do without it anymore. Therefore, I unfortunately have to give Huawei a wide berth as a true everyday hero. Really too bad

If you are nevertheless convinced that the new Nova is just right for you, I would be very happy if you would buy your copy via the following Amazon partner link. “Clickme”

*Advertising notice

1. I got the Huawei Nova 9 discounted as part of a test promotion by TheInsidersnet. This did not influence my opinion in any way. Theinsidersnet or Huawei do not and had no influence on the text or the design of the blog post. You can read more about my policies here.

2. there are Amazon affiliate links in the text. If you buy a product through them, I receive a commission as a thank you. The final price will not change for you! In general, I always advise you to do an independent price comparison. Mr. Bezos ha

t not always the best prices

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