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I would never have thought that something like this would happen to me. One hardens yes again and again from the fact that one is left in the rain by an airline or the valid requirements are paid out only reluctantly. But now it happened to me. It all started when my flight was cancelled.

Flight Canceled – the actual travel plan in

early autumn 2021, I plan with my son a small round trip around the newly created night train Paris-Vienna. For lack of (for us) interesting routes, transport options and time, it should go from Vienna home by plane. The fastest and best flight at that time was offered by Eurowings. Even for a small surcharge with free middle seat! I found that really great, so booked immediately!

But a few days later the drama started. At the beginning of October, shortly before my birthday (insert tears and violins here) I got the info by mail that our flight was canceled. Unfortunately, one searches in vain for a reason for this.

Rebooking a flight – apparently an impossibility

Ok, don’t panic, there are still 2.5 months until the actual flight date, there is such a thing as air passenger rights – you will certainly be helped. Yes, I thought so naively positive. I quickly searched online for the next possible flight connection and approached the Twitter customer service with my concerns.

They responded quickly and in a friendly manner, but referred me to customer service by phone (for a fee, of course). Mails would currently have long processing times due to the high order situation (BlaBla). No, that’s clear!

Ok, call no. 1:


am informed that Vienna has been cancelled from the flight schedule. A rebooking on the next flight could not be made on the hotline. I could only do that via a link in the cancellation e-mail. Okay, let’s try that. Display:

Do you see the alternative flight? Me neither

Call No. 2:

Yes, try several browsers, try via different devices, clear cache – Long Story short: Didn’t help


An audibly overwhelmed employee told me that it would take up to 48 hours. Not only did that sound like an excuse, it was.

I don’t want to call again and, upon request, I get an e-mail address from the social media team.


following mail goes to service@eurowings.com on 08.10.:


I need help. My flight has been cancelled (see attached mail) and no one on the hotline knows what to do.

I would like a good solution please and no nonsense with lawyers / air passenger rights.

Booking code: #######, 20.12., 2 pers. VIE – HAJFlight

was cancelled because you (as EW) apparently no longer fly to Vienna.

Problem: I would like to rebook within the Star Alliance, but I can not. Via the app I get the error message: “Due to the free middle seat not rebookable. Please contact customer service.”

I did this several times by phone.

There I was told that I could easily do this via the link in the mail. But there is no link displayed.

I cleared my cache, changed my browser, changed my PC, tried on my tablet. Nothing helps! I should please wait 48 hours. Now, after about 90 hours, there is still no connection and I am slow.

a bit pissed off.
I do not want to call the hotline again to be told that I should still wait.

I have booked a 2 person flight, Monday-midday from Vienna to Hanover with reserved seats + free middle seat and I would like to please a similar connection to not have to wait too long in Vienna and not arrive too late at home.

Please rebook for me until 22.10.2021 as follows:

VIE 14:10 -FRA 15:35
FRA 17:20 – HAJ 18:10
Please with reserved seats next to each other. I am aware that a free middle seat may not be feasible. But please at least window + middle.

Would really appreciate some help. I would like to have the process as silent as possible. Please help me out! I do not want to have to deal with air passenger rights, lawyers or consumer centers.

Thank you very much in advance!

And then what happened? First of all nothing. Then on 24.10. I received a rebooking info. I was rebooked on a flight at 07:40. But it was unavailable for me. I informed them of this again on 25.10:

Good day,

I received a rebooking info yesterday evening.

Unfortunately, the flight is a good 5 hours before the originally planned (anulierte) departure.

Due to scheduling reasons, we are not able to do this.

Please rebook as requested in my mail of 08.10. as follows:

VIE 14:10 hrs -FRA 15:35 hrs

FRA 17:20 hrs – HAJ 18:10 hrs

Please with reserved seats next to each other. I am aware that a free middle seat may not be feasible. But please at least window + center.

Thank you in advance for your effort.

At no time did I ever receive a response from customer service. Always only automatically generated emails. The guys and gals from the social media team have also always just put me off and meant that everything would be rebooked according to my wishes.

Reclabox – not allowed to forward anything

At the end of November, I published my case on Reclabox to vent my anger and perhaps bring some speed to the matter. Other passengers have already been helped by this.

Shortly after publication, Reclabox informed me that Eurowings has forbidden them to inform about customer complaints. Sympathetic, isn’t it?

Eurowings customer service – silence, excuses, lies.

As harsh as this statement is, it is unfortunately true! I was lied to by the social media team, from the hotline staff I only hear excuses why things don’t work and from the mail customer service I still haven’t received a single answer, almost three months later.

Shortly before my departure, I had a brief exchange with the SM team that was quite something:

07.12. Message from the social media team: The specialist department let me know that I could not be rebooked on Austrian – Uh, I did not want THAT. I had asked two months ago for a connection with LH because Austrian has not offered a suitable connection for me.

08.12. I am lied to twice:

Lie No. 1: After I have again asked for my right to rebook me on the LH connection, I am again denied. One can

ne rebook me on Austrian. Funny, that was not possible a day before!

Lie No. 2: I state that I am now taking care of my own replacement transportation since I am running out of time. Question about the correct billing address for my expenses. Answer: “we ask for your understanding that we cannot cover the costs for a self-organized replacement flight. “
Well, you just have to! Send an excerpt of the consumer center concerning air passenger rights. Another answer from EW: “. we do not process any requests regarding air passenger rights.

Since then I have not received any replies


Strange, why not Hasis?

Flight cancelled – magic word substitute transportation

Gritting my teeth, I then took care of the substitute transportation myself. A little more than a week before departure, just before Christmas. Has cost me only 521.00 €. Thank you dear LH Group that I may take over this for you first! The set deadline for the payment of my expenses was of course already exceeded. I have also never received an apology. Why also?

Lufthansa over Lufthansa at FRAport

Star Alliance – No thanks!

As a normal family man who does not fly on business, I may only be a tiny part of the clientele, but this is no way to treat your customers. I feel absolutely fooled and betrayed by Star Alliance. A reason never again to set foot in one of the machines. Yes, I know, also other airlines proceed in case of problems absolutely similarly (not). But I expect this kind of behavior from Ryanair, Easyjet and others and not from a premium airline like the Lufthansa Group. For me, the crane and everyone under its wings represents our country to a certain extent – after all, it is THE German airline. I expect honest and sincere behavior at all corners and edges.

So long! This had to go out. Updates will be attached here in the blog post.

A little excitement at the end:

During our replacement flight from Frankfurt to Hanover, we were seated between a Lufthansa crew (all still in uniform) who were in their closing time and couldn’t have behaved worse. There was loudly made fun of other guests and how badly and rising we (air travelers) are nevertheless all. And in general, the foreign ground crews were all too stupid for everything. The whole thing in an arrogant tone as one rarely experiences. Dear LH guys and gals, a little tip on the subject of external impact. If you sit in your uniform clearly recognizable with the “annoying passengers”, you should maybe just shut the fuck up! I sit with my already great Star Alliance experiences between you and may then also still hear me how bad all guests are. Simply a disgusting behavior. Clearly you have then missed the job.

UPDATE to the end of the year

30.12.2021. Eurowings has finally sent me a reasonable self-written response mail and confirmed to me that all my expenses are taken over. It does work! Why does it take almost three months? There clearly needs to be more staff in customer service.

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