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In our tool for independent online e-bike buying advice, there is a category recommendation “Cross Country mid-motor e-bikes” as a quick evaluation with a score of 301 to 350 points.

What do we mean by cross country e-bikes with a mid-motor?

The Cross Country models are usually equipped with narrower tires than E-Trekking or E-MTB pedelecs – the aim here is to quickly reach the destination over varying terrain from asphalt to gravel to dry forest paths. For example, for sporty day tours or as a flexible commuter bike. Most of these are e-bikes with diamond frames.

The mid-mounted motors here usually come from the major manufacturers Bosch, Brose, Giant/Yamaha or Shimano. They bring decent power through torques of 70 to 90 Nm. Most e-bikes in the cross-country category come with mounts for luggage racks (not necessarily for lowriders in front) or are already equipped with them. A lighting system is not always installed. The tires are usually flexible, even asphalt tires with medium grip.

What are the requirements for such e-bikes?

This result “cross country mid-motor e-bikes” usually results from the following requirements selected in the buying guide:

  • I want to get from A to B quickly, discover more of my surroundings and ride day tours.
    For day tours, we do not assume very heavily loaded panniers – that would change the recommendation by the reference to the “Permissible total weight” to be considered.
  • Diamond (“Men’s bike”) or “Don’t know yet”.
  • Medium weight is okay – Here we assume weights up to 25 kg, with Fullys also up to 26 kg
  • How steep can it be for you: 3-8 on the scale 1 to 10 (1=flat; 10=very steep)
  • Strength/endurance/coordination: values between 1 and 4 on the scale 1 to 10 (1=very little; 10=very much)
  • Budgets ranged from €1,000 to €5,000, with a €500 margin in each case.

Gear and gradient

At least 10-gear shifting (chain) is advisable, if the gradient indication is from 5 upward, from 8 even rather a 12-gear shifting. For gradients of 3 to 5, a 7-speed or 9-speed hub gears may also be sufficient. Most e-bikes are equipped with Shimano gears. For higher rider weight and 5 incline rating, I would recommend the 10-speed chain.

Small commercial break

Lighter weight?

If the requirement in this category comes with a “light weight”, then hardtails (without rear suspension) move into the shortlist, often with the Shimano EP8 motor (the lightest mid-engine). Alternatively, so-called light e-MTBs, although these usually start beyond € 6,000 in price.

Lighter cross country models are also available with rear hub motors – here, your climb specification in the purchase configurator should not exceed 4 and you would have to match your weight specification with the permissible total weight of these e-bikes – it is sometimes only 120 or 125 kilograms.

Range / battery capacity

A range from 630 Wh battery should be sufficient for tours up to about 60-120 kilometers, depending on how many, how long and how steep inclines enare included. The e-bikes of the category “Cross Country mid-motor e-bikes” often come with batteries with 630 Wh or more since model year 2021. If you are quite light, have little luggage with you or the tour remains rather flat, a 500 Wh battery is also sufficient. For trips lasting several days, you would have to bring a charger. Alternatively, a second battery or an e-bike with range extender (additional battery) or with two-battery concept (Riese & Müller Supercharger). Attention: Additional weight – see below.

Permissible total weight / weight for touring

The total weight of e-bike plus rider:in plus clothing, helmet backpack or panniers, lock and possibly second battery, and charger duck can quickly go towards 120 kilograms and much more.

Not all manufacturers offer “Permissible total weights” of over 120 kilograms. This factor goes into our evaluation. For “cross country mid-motor e-bikes”, the tare weight of the pedelec is usually around 23 to 25 kilograms, so that only 95 to 97 kilograms remain for the “rest” at 120 kilograms permissible total weight. If loaded panniers already weigh 20 kg plus clothes, helmet, cell phone, lock again 10, then you should weigh with these e-bikes only slim 65 to 67 kg …

For touring, therefore, rather e-bikes with permissible total weight from 140 kg are recommended. Must you actually see the weight specification so narrow? My advice is: yes. See also our article XXL bikes – A search.

Recommendation examples Cross Country mid-motor E-Bikes

Giant Explore E+ 2 – Price €2,799 (new).

If “multi-day tours with luggage” were desired in the requirements, our recommendations are, for example, the Giant
Explore E+ 2. Giant e-bikes have a top price-performance ratio, powerful SyncDrive mid-mounted motors (Powered by Yamaha) and permissible total weights up to 156 kg. Price at recommendation: € 2,799 (new)

Used e-bikes: Riese & Müller Charger, KTM Macina

If you’re also considering used e-bikes, you could look for Riese & Müller Charger models with Bosch Performance motor, or a KTM – 2020 e-bike, the KTM MACINA SPORT 510. This has a gross vehicle weight rating of 143 kg. Used price at the recommendation: € 2,000.

Light: myvélo Himalya EP8 – €3,599 (with 630 Wh battery: €3,799).

With the requirement “light weight” comes, for example, the hardtail myvélo Himalya EP8 into question (here our article with video about it). It is with 19.5 kg one of the lightest mid-motor hardtail EMTBs. Direct link: myvélo Himalaya EP8*.

If you want lightweight e-fullys with cross country features, it gets more expensive … The lightweight touring fullys, for example, from Rotwild cost over 7,000 euros.

Some recommendations:

  • Merida eSPRESSO L EP8-EDITION EQ e-bike 2021, approx. 3,700 €, approx. 24.2 kg
  • Orbea RISE M20 SAP WHITE – Lightweight e-bike, possibly with range extender buy – For luggage Zuehör necessary ~5.000 €
  • RAYMON CROSSRAY E 6.0 TRAPEZ Yamaha PW-ST engine
  • KTM Cento 10 22 – ~ 4000 €
  • Idealo price comparison link to cross country e-bikes with mid-motor, price 2,500 – 3,500 €, filtered by our recommendations: To the Idealo overview*
  • Idealo price comparison link for Cross Country e-bikes with mid-motor, price 3.500 – 4.500 €, filtered by our recommendations: To the Idealo overview*.
  • Idealo price comparison Link to Cross Country e-bikes with mid-motor, price 4.500 – 10.000 €, filtered according to our recommendations: To the Idealo overview*.

“Easy Entry” / low entry models we have not included in the above comparison links.

What we don’t recommend


general, we don’t recommend cross country mid-motor e-bikes to


  • E-bikes with luggage carrier battery, especially because of the load on the back when touring
  • E-bikes with battery between seat tube and rear wheel, too long (usually over 2 meters), not maneuverable
  • E-bikes with front wheel hub motor

Your opinions, experiences and favorites about this category


free to share your assessment, criticism and also your model recommendations or e-bike favorites about this category “Cross Country e-bikes with mid-motor” below in the comments. We’re also happy to answer any questions you may have.

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